Oldest Cyclist Granpa Zhang Up Wuling


Sponsored CSK's Up to Wuling Event

On August 1, 2020, RANKING sponsored CSK's Up To Wuling Event was successfully held.

Three generations of the Iron Man family, Zhang Shengkai, who lived in the same house, completed his honour to his father in a relay manner. He had a wish to ride on Wuling, 3275 meters above sea level, when he had a stroke in his eighties. The Eighth (Dad) Festival was completed on the eve of the Eighth (Dad) Festival. This profound feat of the Zhang family group also made Grandpa Zhang the oldest climber in Wuling history.

Grandpa Zhang used to participate in the cycling activities from "Taipei to Northeast" sponsored by RANKING. At that time, he was free to move, but he was unwell and had to ride with a ureter. People who saw it admired the mental perseverance of the elderly. The title has since spread in the cycling world.

Wuling is the highest point of Taiwan’s highways and the destination of the famous KOM race. KOM is listed as a famous cycling events among the top ten races in the world. CSK Family’s leader , Zhang Shengkai, as a cyclist and coach, his greatest achievement is to influence the three children's love of cycling. At present, the three children Jiajia, Tingting and Jiahao have gotnearly 300 gold medals in races run by everywhere.

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