Sponsored 18th 1919 Go Charity Event


RANKING sponsored the 18th 1919 Go Taiwan Ride, which was a way to bypass Taiwan in 15 days from December 21 to January 4, and raised funds for families in need. It was the ninth time to support it.

The brand co-founder Li Weimin also served as the Rider Warrior around Taiwan for the fourth time and participated with his family. He said that he participated in the 1919 for the first time in 2014 to check this sponsorship event, and found that the event was very valuable and well organized. Therefore, I give my support every year and I invest in my own hands.

There are many "poor people" in the society, and  they may still be able to live barely.However, once they encounter natural disasters, major injuries, unemployment, and other accidents, they are not eligible for public housing because they do not meet the standards of low- and middle-income families subsidized by social assistance laws. Departmental subsidies have led to a desperate livelihood and become so-called "urgent families."

In order to help these "homes" that cannot go on, the Christian Relief Association has launched the "Aid for Families in Distress" since 2003 to raise funds for aid and support and care for needy families hidden in every corner of Taiwan (5,500 per month) Hundred yuan, one to four months). As of October 2019, a total of 12,945 families in need have been rescued and cared for, and more than 130,000 volunteers have conducted 64,000 visits.

RANKING urged the general public to come together to help the "difficult families" who can't go on, so that they will have the courage to go on and embrace the hope for tomorrow. "With you, the love of 1919 can move!"

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