Sponsor Tour of Taihu Lake


The 2017 session of the Eighth Central Taihu international road cycling

race in Wuxi October 10th start, is sharp competition sponsored Taihu 8

years continuous helmet, sharp competition helmet record growth in Taihu,

the sharp competitive helmet and Taihu community of destiny, together,

together for the Taihu ho Choi gas ring.
The ring of Taihu from 10-17 October, from Wuxi to Jurong around the individual

tournament qualifying total of 8 stages, each stage is carefully

designated good, let you appreciate the different ecological beauty,

let us look forward to it.
October 10th: Prologue, Wuxi individual time trial
October 11th: the first stage of the Wuxi Binhu criterium

(opening ceremony)
October 12th: the second stage of the West Taihu - Wujin - West

Taihu Yancheng
October 13th: the third stage of the Huzhou Taihu Tourism

Resort - Wuxing - Changxin
October 14th: the fourth stage of the Wujiang Metro Taihu criterium
October 15th: the fifth stage of the Nantong - Haimen
October 16th: the sixth stage of the Jiangyan Qin Lake Road criterium
October 17th: the seventh stage of the Jurong - Chishan Lake National

Wetland Park - Maoshan national 5A grade scenic spot (closing ceremony)

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