A product award in China


    We got product innovation award from 2016 China International Cycling show on May 6.

RANKING helmet  product R41 Icestorm is the only three helmets get this award among

over 3000 displayed helmet goods.It's our third time to get design award in the past five years.

R41 ice storm with traditional helmet difference has the following features:

1. The triathlon hat - mix highway cap with the strongpoint of the timing cap.

The triathlete now, there is the highway hat, advantage is poor ventilation performance is good but the aerodynamic effect; Or timing helmet, advantage is aerodynamic performance is good, but not ventilated. R41 ice storm to combine the advantages of the two different hats and avoid its shortcomings, is unprecedented breakthrough development.

2. No outside opening, fluid mechanics performance is good; The "valley effect" of the wind is used to heat dissipation is strong,

When we stand between the tall buildings, will feel particularly strong wind, because wind suddenly from large to small, the wind speed increase, we are called the "valley effect" of the wind. R41 ice storm on the principle of this design, in shape like a timing cap line is fluent, have no outside the open hole, to ensure the good performance on fluid mechanics; Only in the front opened a mouth, the wind came in from here, and then spread to 9 in the air duct, raise the velocity of each air duct, it is as if installed nine small fan on the helmet, strong blowing hot heads, strong heat dissipation.

Article 3. The reinforcement of air duct, raised by 40%, and have a shave skin care effect.

If you hate wearing helmets can let a face bigger or wear up like a mushroom, so R41 ice storm would be a good choice. As aforesaid, we in order to create strong cooling of air duct, specific raised the height of the rod, therefore, feel oneself face, put on the helmet and have smaller facial skin care effect.

4. The one-handed operation of magnetic clasp and the appearance of the coating to don't have to take all light, to save time. Is different from the traditional male female buckle design, R41 ice storm adopts magnetic suction button, you don't need to use eyes at can accurately, and all the helmet use PC shell protects, don't take put down light won't damage the appearance, very suitable for triathlon transformation project time use of every minute counts.

R41 ice storm launched this product for the first time in 2015, is favored by professional team. Italian amor weta team (Amor&Vita) team in 2015 is using R41 ice storm products, to help them is a new one has achieved several stage champion!

                        RANKING's booth in China International cycling show in Shanghai.

RANKING staff and  our dealers

                         Ranking sponsored rider Michael Wang come to the booth

                         for testng our new helmet .

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