ASSOS—World top cycling cloth brand came to an agreement with Ranking for their Double Brand Programme on April 2nd. This programme will enable ASSOS to purchase helmets with ASSOS RANKING Double Brand logo for its global markets.

      Assos are one of the world's pioneers and specialists in producing high quality cycling clothes and accessories. They are located in a region of Switzerland that has maintained a long standing tradition in first class textile engineering. In the 1970's, Toni Maier-Moussa, founder and chairman of Assos accidently invented lycra cycling clothing, whilst trying to create the ultimate bicycle. During the wind tunnel tests of the first ever carbon-fibre bike, Toni inadvertently found that lycra downhill ski racing suits had much less drag than the woolen-knitted cycling clothes of the time. To this day Assos firmly believe in total product competence, delivering optimum functionand comfort, by researching and making its cycling clothing and accessories from the very best materials.

   RANKING FEATHER is 1 of our best helmets, also the one that can mostly represent RANKING. As the name telling you, RANKING FEATHER is as light as feather, which can reduce the windage and burden when riding. The design was based on Aerodynamics to minimize the windage drag while safety consideration is well taken. RANKING FEATHER is also 1 of the 2 lightest helmet in the world, it was awarded the Shanghai Bike Show Innovation Prize in 2012 , it is also the most popular helmet among RANKING’s 30 global teams.

   The Launching of ASSOS RANKING FEATHER after 1 year preparation is a sign that 2 Top Brands is coming together to develop deep cooperation as well as promoting Safe Riding Culture on a global scale.

   Exploit Assos werksmannschaft Team from Lugano, Switzerland is being luckily sponsored with ASSOS RANKING HELMET. Founded in Jan. 2012, This team has won 2nd in 2012 GF Giro dei Tre Laghi, 1st in 2012 GF Prologo – Lombardi & 2013 GF Laigueglia,and 3rd place in 2013GF Davide Cassani .Wish Exploit good luck in 2013 season with the protection of ASSOS RANKING FEATHER.

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