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Sponsored Tour de Lombok RANKING News


RANKING Helmets sponsored tour of Lombok Mandalika 2017 raced from

April 13 to 16, held in Lombok, Indonesia.

There are 19 teams compete for prize money 800,100,000IDR in a 466km race.

Philippine 7-11 team, is the most enthusiastic team on the Asian Tour

team, aggresive is the characteristics of the team

Taiwan's Action team of all the students in the composition of the students, the total score ranked 
eighth, compared with the professional teams, in no way inferior.

Registered in Laos's CCN-GIA team, the captain is 51-year-old Lex (left 2),

under his leadership, Hari (middle) on the podium 3 times and won the

Indonesian best rider third place

Sunshine beach is the characteristics of the Lombok island, it’s worth a visit.

Lombok produces rice, which is full of mountain, terraces is everywhere

Sea tourism developed, a cruise can be seen at the far, which brings tourists to go

out for serfing.

High bonuses of LDR 800 m , locals hospitality banquet, are the two reasons

let people willing to come again.

Local women are accustomed to wearing things rather than holding, very


Taiwan's Action team, although all students, is good at competition

Jesse, 7-11 Team, from Australia, wearing a Polka dots jersey at the 2nd stage

The streets of the students and residents of the cathedral spectator, is a major feature

of Indonesian race, people said its amount is the biggest in Asia tour.

Many of the mountain stage, slope steep sometimes reach 20%, downhill

is also very curved, more difficult than other countries of the Asian

Tour specifications. After the finish, the riders’ face show the pained


Edgar got GC #9, it’s the best result among 7-11 team riders

Hari three on the podium, he became the CCN-GIA team key man

in the race, and finally won the Indonesian best rider #3

Chen Jianliang (second from right) is the key rider of Action team, he finished #4 at

the fourth stage, the results are very good

Most of the inhabitants of Lombok are Muslims, the mosque is the largest and beautiful

in appearance.

Japan KINAN team got team GC 1st place.

Nathan Earl (Japan UKO team) is a big winner, a person to win three jerseys, he raced for

SKY team.



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