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Who should wear a helmet when riding a bike?

A:Strictly speaking, everyone should wear, when riding in order to reduce head injury risks that may arise; In general, the age requirements of national legislation, in accordance with requirements of implementation, most countries require people under the age of 13 wear helmets.

types of bicycle helmets are those?

A:according to use, there are commuter cap (City cap), cap mountain bike, road vehicle cap, BMX hat, DOWNHILL cap and limit competition with the cap (CHRONO); according to gender, male cap, female cap; by age points, cap with young children (toddler), Children's hats (kid), youth hat (youth), adult cap (adult)

How to choose the size of bicycle helmet?

A:If you already know your head circumference size, depending on size selected; otherwise, with regard to physical wear to the test. Physical wear is recommended, because the size of various manufacturers labeling method, often different. Wear, the alignment above the eyebrows, and then Gently press the hat by hand, 1) test the comfort, look at the top is not immediate, if the head at the top, there are sharp uncomfortable feeling that the head should be selected over the other; after the test size test around to see both sides of the ear near the tightness of the cap edge of the gap, if tolerant of a little finger, too loose; if the hat into the skull, both sides had the pressure is too tight. Side of the test before and after the same methods and requirements with the foregoing. Requirements are not loose not tight, just right.

bicycle helmet size are those?

A:The identification of each manufacturer is different, depending on the test head shape discrimination, there are A (50cm), E (54cm), J (57cm), M (60cm), O (62cm), respectively. Typically, manufacturers will use the LX (mean O header type) for the adult head, L (refer to M or J) applies to adult men and some women, M (refer to J or E), or part of adult female head youth, S (refer to E or A) applies to young people or children, as well as XS, apply to young children.

How to measure your head circumference size?

A:with special measurement tool, see Fig. If not, you can use soft feet, along the upper edge of the eyebrows and ears, around the circle, to obtain the approximate size. See reference map.

How to choose the right bike helmet?

A:1) To select comply with regulatory requirements; 2) use of test filter, mountain bike or road bike? 3) Consider the color, usually with your frame; 4) test filter size, such as 3 tips; 5) Consider your budget, usually 10% of the price of the car properly.

how to properly wear a bicycle helmet?

A:To select the appropriate size of the hat, such as 3 steps. Wear a hat, the alignment of the eyebrows, hand soft reduction cap, so that the natural hat head wrap, then put the cap on the locking system. Tightness requirements are: open mouth, feel tight. Lock, the middle of the chin to fall, not fall on the cheek. If you can not adjust the hat band to meet the above requirements, the seller should request the assistance of equipped with the correct order to make the helmet to play a role.

How to storage, cleaning and maintenance of bicycle helmet?

A:stored in a ventilated and cool place, avoid prolonged direct sun and placed in the high temperature (60 degrees Celsius) in place; clean, use clean tap water on the inner shell of dirt, as the textile liner, if it is removed , will pull down the dry cleaning with Xi Yijing, posted back to use.

helmet replacement time? Life?

A:The following is recommended that you replace. 1) This hat has been an accident by a hit? So, immediately replaced; 2) regulatory requirements of sub-hat, and immediately replaced; 3) well you can wear it? If you can not quickly replaced; 4) This hat covered with plastic shell it? If not, quickly replaced; 5) you have do not like, and can be replaced.

What kind of bicycle helmets can be called 'good helmet'?

A:must meet the regulatory requirements. On this basis, ventilation performance, heat dissipation, light weight, good-looking popular, can be called a good hat.

Why riding bicycles to wear helmets?

A:look at the statistics from the United States, you will know what ye do. Every eight bicycle Knight, one person was in motion, received head injuries; in cycling accidents, fatal accidents, more than 2 / 3 ratio, the brain has been hurt. Accidental death knight to 16 years of age do not wear helmets in male-dominated, usually occurs in the summer evening when the traffic intersection in the city is hit by vehicles. According to the survey research that wearing helmets can prevent head injuries of 88% or more. However, the helmet is to protect the head, face and body as it is not protected, and how to avoid falls hit, the first of the knight is still important.

How to mix colors bicycle helmets?

A:We recommend that you choose bright colors and high visibility color. Taking into account with, we recommend that you select and frame a considerable color, frame color is the bike with the popular use of color indicators, such as with the law, do not usually fail.

common bicycle helmet safety standards are those legal?

A:With oil constraints, environmental requirements, health needs, cycling more popular. Countries more and more attention to the promotion of the sport, the common European safety standards EN1078: 1997 + A1: 2005; U.S. CPSC1203: 1998; Australia New Zealand AS / NZS 2063:1996; Japan SG; Taiwan CNS13371; Korea

bicycle helmets comply with regulatory requirements often have to go through those tests?

A:Safety requirements of each different, and there is no uniform way. Usually contains several parts of the test, 1) environmental testing: high temperature, low temperature, the aging test. 2) impact test. 3) Pull with Elongation Test, test cap with the deformation. 4) off of the rolling test is to test the wear stability.

What are the testing agency, in charge of product testing bicycle helmets?

A:Not with test equipment vendors can conduct the testing and certification, qualified, is the result of regulations and relevant government departments authorized, usually impartial third-party certification body to EN1078, for example, qualified and SGS, TUV , INSPEC and other organizations with global visibility.

Why do helmets have a protective effect? What is its principle?

A:When an accident occurs, the head hit the pavement, the helmet on the one hand through the buffer tank (usually EPS) of the deformation heat, so that the force to fall was offset by the release, on the one hand, with its smooth surface, advantage of the opportunity to impact forward with open, reducing the strength of the head of the residence time, thus reducing head and brain may suffer damage.

What is the construction of helmets? What are the important components and common terminology?

A:helmets protect your head and reduce the drops may injury to the head. It consists of a thin layer of the shell (shell), a thickness of the liner (liner), with a hat band (strap) connected to form you can wear the hat. To improve its function, and some also with detachable lining hat (inner pad), anti-fly network (insect mesh), sun hat along (visor), adjust the size of the regulator (adjuster) and so on.

What is the helmet liner materials commonly used (foam / linner)?

A:In the helmet's function, the liner plays the most important role, through the interior of the heat extrusion, offset impact, and reduce the force at the time head of stagnation, effectively protect the head and brain. General of two kinds: one is hard to be crushed, such as EPS, EPP, EPU; one is flexible can be squashed, Zobium. The former is most common.

EPS and EPU as a liner material, any different?

A:EPS, Expandable Polystyrene, expandable polystyrene, livelihood products into use in 1952, to the quality of light, mature technology, can be mass production, process environment, the world's most popular material. EPU, Expanded PolyUrethane, than the EPS weight, has a very hard texture, and its manufacturing process as can be toxic, banned in most countries.

Why helmet liner will see four small pinhole, What is the role? Will not affect the security?

A:These small pinhole positioning pin on the mold. Helmets produced, for the base of the adjusting device or the other insert is fixed in the exact position, with the positioning pin to the completion position fixed. Small pinhole in the positioning pin, does not affect the security, therefore, almost all fatal helmet brand, such as: SPECIALISED, UVEX and RANKING on, have to use the products of such institutions, the use of such institutions helmet, also through various standard test.