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                                    RANKING- Global Brand, Winner’s Choice

RANKING , means"excellent " . It was founded in 2006. Our helmets supply worldwide .We have 30 distributors in the world and 4 hundred dealers in China.

 RANKING is a UCI race specified brand. We create the world's first customized champion helmet for the winner. Here are the bigger races with sponsorship ,Tour of China(UCI 2.1) , Tour of Taiwan(UCI 2.1) , Tour of Iran(UCI 2.1) , Tour of Taihu Lake(UCI 2.1) , Tour of Fuzhou(UCI 2.1) , Prime Minister Cup of Malacca (UCI 2.2),Tour of  Poyang Lake , Tour of QinghaiLake(UCI 2.HC) , Tour of Beijing(WT),Tour of Chongming Island(WT) ,Inner Mogolia race,and so on .

 RANKING is the brand used by 2015 world champion Stephanie Pooh. Every year we sponsor global cyclists for over 300 persons . Among that includes 2015 Asian Tour winner Pourseyedigolakhour Mirsamad (Iran), 2014 Asian Games champion Zhen Wang(China) , and 2015 Asian Championship four gold winner TingYan ,Huang.(Taiwan).

 RANKING team has been adhering to the mission"Better Service,Highly Satisfaction".We believe that the helmet can protect human life. We committed to doing better helmets , so that millions of people can ride safely and enjoy the fun of riding .

 RANKING more than you want !